Saturday, August 4, 2007

Episode 3

This is the third episode of 4 Feet Running! In this edition:

• Nik continues her marathon training and Dan sweats through 90-plus-degree weather
• Nik may or may not be confused as to how long Dan's Couch to 5K run should be
• They talk about their weight loss goals and how they are different from those people on "The Biggest Loser"
• Nik explains what a Portuguese-American vegetable is
• Dan reads listener feedback from really nice people
• They come to the sad conclusion that they will never be more popular than a naked yoga podcast

Check this out:

• listener Susan's blog at
• the amazing Buckeye Outdoors exercise log thingy

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Nik and Dan


Anonymous said...

I am in the last week of C25K and I am so glad I found you guys!

You are both my heroes for running in 90+ degree weather. I went out in 80 degrees the other morning and I was fairly sure I was going to die!kare

Nicole said...

Congrats on finishing up on the C25K, Shannon- yay!

We're still plodding along, but we're definitely grumpy and a bit melted from the heat.

Thanks so much for listening :)
Nik & Dan

Anonymous said...

YAY! I made your podcast!! LOL My first podcast experience!! SWEET!!

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