Sunday, August 26, 2007

Episode 6


Welcome to 4 Feet Running's 6th episode! In this fun-packed installment:

- Nik and Dan take a run by the Great Feast of the Holy Ghost of New England, a major Portuguese feast in downtown Fall River's Kennedy Park
- Dan's C25K Week 5 run becomes Week 5-ish because he's overtired
- Nik talks about her do-it-yourself approach when she first started running
- Dan recounts the story of Queen Isabella of Portugal, her devotion to the poor, and her milk jugs
- Nik describes her weekly training for the Philadelphia Marathon, her new pair of Brooks shoes, and her Clif Bloks
- They wander around the feast, smell some Portuguese food, try to get some free meat, and see a whole bunch more jugs
- Dan asks Nik how much money she'd take to break a leg
- Dan stupidly forgets what the difference is between being blind and deaf
- They apologize again for being too loud in Episode 5
- It's wall-to-wall Portuguese music, including songs by this cat: Jorge Ferreira

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

And scroll down for more pictures from the feast, taken by Nik!

This is St. Anne's Church, a predominately Portuguese Catholic church right across the street from Kennedy Park, where the feast is held.

After a good run, sometimes you've got to go.

These yellow bags are full of beef roasts and Portuguese sweet bread. They're given away at the feast. Much as we like roast beef, we didn't take one--other people need it more.

This is Dan trying to convince Nik that chourico sandwiches and french fries and beer are healthy post-run food.

Vendors sell all kinds of Portuguese stuff at the feast, including these Portuguese music CDs. They are, incredibly, in this day and age, $15 each.

Dan buys a couple of CDs to use in the podcast: an album of folk music and one by Fall River superstar Jorge Ferreira.

There are dozens of traditional pots and bowls used for cooking Portuguese food. You could probably cook other kinds of food in them, too. We didn't ask.

The sun begins to set over Kennedy Park's Holy Ghost Feast decorations. This is the time when the Portuguese bands begin to play--so we quickly left.


Brian said...

Cool show, Fall River does have its spots, you mentioned Academica, they have some good steak and peppers. The Holy Ghost is fun time, you got to get the soup!
I loved to here the kids singing in the background, “In this great future you can’t forget your past” quoted from Bob M.
So keep thank for the show, and keep up the fine work.


Brian said...

Sorry, I can'y type or spell.
So thanks for the show, and keep up the fine work.

Rebecca said...

Hey Nik and Dan,
Thanks for the shout-out (or whatever it's called) in episode 6. Keep up the great job with the running and podcasting!

Nicole said...

Thanks guys! We really like your blogs! :)
We totally got steak and pepper sandwiches after the show - we couldn't resist!

Brian said...

Ok, this weekend I am taking the camera along for my run. I will post up the pics on my blog over the weekend.
Thank you for the Inspiration.


New England Bites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Nik and Dan,
I am catching up on your Podcasts. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

My $.02 is if Gu's make you sick you might have better luck with the gels from Hammer Nutrition.

Nicole said...

Thanks for listening and advice, Jeremiah! I've been using the Clif Shot Blok with success. No upset stomach and they taste great on long runs.

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