Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where I Run

I was inspired by Susan and took my camera with me on one of my favorite running routes along Fall River's waterfront.

This is my house. It needs to be painted. So just picture it as a pale green with a cream trim, we do until we can get a chance to tackle that project.
This is a pretty steep hill along North Park that was design by Frederick Law Olmsted. (He's the guy who design Central Park in NYC.)
This begins my run along the waterfront.
This is a smaller version of the Marine Corp War Memorial. The mold was found is some guy's house and he donated it to the city recently.
There's lots of fishing, but I wouldn't eat the fish if I were you. We have 2 of the worst polluting power plants in Massachusetts along the Taunton River.

This the view from the board walk of the Battleship Massachusetts and the Braga Bridge. I run around the new Gates of the City that was donated by the Ponta Delgada. Our sister city in the Azores.


Susan said...

What beautiful scenery!

Anonymous said...

OK I've decided that I'm going get on your bandwagon now before you both are huge stars, you two are great and make me laugh keep up the good work, it wont be long now before im telling people i knew them when...


Nicole said...

Thanks, Susan, Fall River has a few great spots.

Luke, that is so sweet! We're blushing! :)

Rebecca said...

Cool route! Don't you just love running along the water! I didn't know they had a mini Iwo Jima in MA - very cool. You can pretend you're running the Marine Corps Marathon!

ShirleyPerly said...

Very nice pics!

With the exception of running the Boston Marathon, I've not run in any northeastern cities before. The architecture and sights there are so different than in central FL and HI. Thanks for the tour!!

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