Sunday, August 19, 2007

Episode 5


Welcome to episode five of 4 Feet Running! In this installment:

• Nik and Dan forgo their usual routine as she runs the Louie's Race 5K in New Bedford
• They almost sneak into Buttonwood Park Zoo to "pet and ride" the elephants
• Dan spills his coffee a little
• Nik and Dan somehow get lost walking around a square park
• They discuss "Jungle Love" and jungle cats
• Nik successfully runs her 5K, while others run as if being chased by the zombies from "Thriller"
• Some guy may have spit a bit of lettuce on her

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Nik and Dan


Rebecca said...

Hey Nik and Dan,
Nik, thanks for the great comments on my blog! Along with honking, I too hate spitters. Congrats on your race!

Dan, great job with your couch to 5k program. I did 5 weeks of the c25k program, repeating EVERY week, before joining a running group (I don't have a Nik to run with - and a running partner makes ALL the difference!) As a beginner, repeating weeks when you have to helps overall - and you make it to the 5k uninjured and happy!

You guys are great! Keep up the podcast.
Rebecca -

Brian said...

Real good show, I love listening to you guys when I am out on a run.
Sounds like you guys are real people, and have the same ups and downs are the rest of us, and we can all relate to you two.
C you give us updates on your training, you know, what’s your week like, how are the miles, and etc… In one of your shows you said you are following Hal Higdon’s marathon plan, me too, so if you talked your training it would hit home with me, and I would imagine many other runners, this is prime marathon training season.

So please keep up the good work, and keep the rubber side down.


Mindy said...

Hey, found your podcast through steve runner's podcast! Good job, you two!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I live in the UK and listen to your podcast when I run alone on a long run. It is like taking two people on a run with me and I dont feel alone. Thanks for making my runs bearable.

- Leisa Houlder

Unknown said...

Hey, Nik and Dan. I listened to this episode today during my 4.5-mile walk. You had me laughing as others ran, bicycled and rollerbladed nearby me. Please keep up the good work. Also, I love elephants too so your comments made me smile and giggle. Thanks for keeping me going on my walks.

Jennifer Hong, from St. Louis

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