Sunday, August 12, 2007

Episode 4


This is 4 Feet Running's 4th episode! In this installment:

• Nik does a great job with her marathon training
• Dan does lousy with his Couch to 5K week four, thanks to The Home Improvement Project That Wouldn't Die
• Nik and Dan run by the Fall River Celebrates America waterfront festival and are shooed away by two huge guys in military fatigues
• Dan reveals that he is actually descended from the Lost City of Atlantis
• Nik coaches him on how to relieve side stitches
• Nik and Dan talk yoga: hot, naked or otherwise
• Phil and Paul get ... uh ... whatever the opposite of a "shout-out" is
• Nik and Dan read feedback from really nice people

Stuff they talk about in the show:

• Listener Brian's blog,
• The Yogamazing podcast
The Zen Runner podcast
Fall River Celebrates America
Apple computers, the Micromemo, and Audacity
• Where the hell are the Azores?

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Nik and Dan


Brian said...

Hey, wow and thanks. Just finnished listening to the podcast and what a plug.
Next time I up we will have to do a run.
After my email I started thinking about FR, and the wonderful places to eat.
I think my favorite is the San Miguel Restaurant, not sure if you know it or not, but its good, got to get the vaca regional with the eggs and peppers. I have not found good food down here in the south, but I haven’t been everywhere yet.

It’s a good run at Freetown State Forest, but don’t let Nik run alone, and don’t when it dark....

So thanks for the plug and keep up the good work on the podcast.


Nicole said...

We hardly ever go out to Portuguese restaurants- we have Dan's mom instead! Though the few we have gone to with his parents, his mom always orders the shrimp mozambique. She tastes it carefully, then exclaims without fail "Not as good as mine!" (And she's totally right!)

I'm so afraid of Freetown State Forest. Way too many scary stories come from there, like the time some guys were stopped while driving through it and some severed hands were found in their trunk. Yep, I mostly avoid it!

We'll have to do a run together, lets keeps our hand attached and skip the state forest. :)

Brian said...

Your too funny. I used to 4wheel in the forest and I never say any zombies with missing hands.
Any your right, my Mother in law makes the best steak.
From you podcast I see your using Hal Higdon's plan, and so am I, that man is running me ragged. :)

Thanks for the wonderful podcast, keep up the great work.

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