Sunday, October 31, 2010

Run Photo of the Day 10.31.10 : Myrna's first race


Nik and I ran a 10K race in New Bedford, Mass., the Spooky Run. 
It's a Halloween race, hence the wrestling mask I'm wearing.

We brought along Myrna (she's good at races, unlike Stanley,
who stayed home). We got her this adorable butterfly costume,
which she kept on the whole time. There were other dogs, but none as cute.
It was her first race.

It's not as hard to run in a butterfly costume as you'd think.
The wings are aerodynamic.

I registered for the 5K but at the last minute, since Myrna
doesn't like Nik & I to be separated (and because Nik asked me to join her),
I switched my race to the 10K. It turned out to be a good move:
I got a PR of about 1:08. Myrna, of course, got an automatic PR.

Dan's mom (in the background) ran the 5K in 44 minutes or so,
and we met John From The Poi there, who ran the 10K in 1:01.
Those are PRs for both of them! Congrats!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Run Photo of the Day 10.30.10 : Running Partners


20 miles was on my schedule today, I've been having a bad couple of weeks
of aches, pains, colds and general lost of mojoness.
I was not confident about this run, but having some running partners along really helped.

Stanley's a champ and ran 13.7 miles with me.
We stopped at his favorite pond to point at some leaves or
whatever those fluffy seed-pod things are. He ate one.

After running 3 miles with Dan, Myrna joined me for 4.75 miles.
She prefers eating the grass by the pond.

After dropping the pups off,
I persuaded Dan to go out for a second run with me.
We stopped to take pictures and look for a geocache.

Dan was tired and decided to go home, so I ran the last 2 and a half miles alone.
It ended up being fun and strong 20-miler.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Run Photo of the Day 10.29.10 : 12 Feet Running


All of us went for a 6-miler by the waterfront in Fall River. Stanley as usual took the lead.

We ran under the Braga Bridge, which is currently being painted from sick, rusty green to dark blue.

We take petting breaks every two miles.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Run Photo of the Day 10.23.10 : Cliff Walk


Dan and I went on a fun run in Newport, RI
You can read about our runs on the daily mile here and here.

We saw camels (sort of)

There are many mansions.

We ran along the cliff and didn't fall over into the ocean.

The pups stayed home.

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