Monday, March 23, 2009

Episode 56


Third time's the charm with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik runs the New Bedford Half Marathon for the third time after almost bursting an eyeball the first time and bonking the second time

- It doesn't smell like fish and garbage in lovely New Bedford this year

- Nik's been training like a machine, and so has Dan -- as long as he follows his weird assortment of mojo habits

- Dan's the man-purse and Nik goes bottle-less

- Weirdos spotted in New Bedford: some guy in teeny-weeny shorts, another guy pointing a leaf blower at concrete under a bank drive-thru, a third guy leering at a baby and somebody's wallet

- Nik has a fantastic race, much to everyone's pleasure: See the map, elevation, and more on Garmin Connect!

- They take a quick jaunt around the historical area of New Bedford

- Should runners get a job? Judge for yourself

- Details coming soon about the 4 Feet Running book club!

- They read fantastic feedback from lots of great listeners

New Bedford Half Marathon
The half-marathon results
New Bedford Whaling Museum
Regents Park Races
Run Ansky Run (check out Lagan Runner's videos!)

The New Bedford Half-Marathon ready to step off, allegedly the biggest year of the race.

Nik stretches her legs and feet. The top of her foot was hurting for a while, but she made it through.

The weather meant she could ditch the fleece and use shorts for the first time this year.

Here's Nik with her finisher medal, but what's more interesting is the guy behind her in the street. Sort of looks like he's doing a jig, doesn't it?

Nik attempts to harpoon tourists with her water bottle. Good luck with that!

"I'm with pirate."

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Episode 55


Coming right up: small Philly run with Cheez Whiz, no mushrooms, no onions, and an extra-large order of 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan take a quick weekend trip to Philadelphia to see their family

- Apologies for taking so long between episodes, but there were on bedbug patrol

- Also trying to determine what all of Nik's Gramma's bizarre kitchen implements do

- If you're ever in the City of Brotherly Love, watch out for a Chili's waitress and a hotel valet who shake down Massachusetts tourists for extra big tips

- They take a run up the Rocky stairs (well, Dan tries to, anyway)

- Both Nik and Dan are doing fantastic with their running -- yes, they actually do talk about running

- Monkey-poop coffee is good to the last plop

- Pat's? Geno's? Pfft. Nik and Dan think best steak sandwich is the Portuguese steak sandwich

- They read a mountain of email, with Special Guest Star Gordon

Where they ran in Philadelphia:

View Larger Map

Monkey-poop coffee (actually, Dan got it wrong -- it's not made by a primate, but a civet, which is more like a cat or a raccoon)
Jami's blog RunnerForGood
Lagan Runner
Babcock and Bobbins
Between the Bridges 10K
Dirt Dawg's Rambling Diatribe
Run New England with John from the Poi
The Crazy Runner

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Video 4


Have a lovely time with 4 Feet Running's 4th video podcast! This special video was made with an extra little pinch of love for's February "In Love With Running" event! This week:

- Nik and Dan venture to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, to talk about their relationships with running

- It's a complicated relationship for Nik

- It's also complicated for Dan, and sometimes it hurts

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