Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Episode 70


It's Rocky II: Rock Harder as 4 Feet Running takes on the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon and Half-Marathon! This episode:

- Nik is raring to run the full marathon (her sixth) and Dan shrugs toward the half-marathon (his second)

- They stop by the expo for some race swag first

- Due to technical difficulties, there's no live race-day audio, but that doesn't mean there's no drama...

- Dan almost burns down their hotel room and/or almost floods it, all because of green beans

- Nik almost misses the marathon entirely, possibly because of cheese

- Then they can't find their corrals, the race announcer forgets about some runners, Nik and Dan skip the porta-potties, a pacer gets floored, and Dan accidentally goes 100% caffeine cold-turkey (which is BAD)

- Nik is plagued by hunger and thirst in the wilds of Fairmount Park

- Her rationale for eating and drinking all kinds of stuff she shouldn't: "How much more sick could I possibly get?"

- Dan sees nudity

- He runs with his eyes shut in the hopes of taking a brief nap on the road

- Nik continues her PR domination, and Dan just misses it because of a pit-stop

- Uncle Pfitzy is definitely her favorite -- Uncle Higgy's kicked out of the family

- Lousy advice on where to run in Massachusetts and where to eat in Philadelphia

- They make big race plans for next year and read some email from wonderful listeners

Philadelphia Marathon results
Pat's and Geno's are both not as good as Monk's Belgian Cafe
Cape Cod Half-Marathon Trilogy
New Jersey Marathon
Amanda (JosieGal44) on Twitter (I could've sworn she had a blog up before)

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The race expo was in a great spot this year -- right near Nik and Dan's hotel.

Nik stands by the fountain in the morning before the race, the sound of running water playing havoc with Dan's bladder.

The race field was so crowded Dan couldn't even see the start line from his corral.

His bright new red running vest.

Dan ran with a joggler for a while. Interesting that a guy can run and juggle at Dan's pace, and if Dan wants to grab his water bottle he has to stop because he can't do it while moving.

The course went down to the Delaware River. You can see New Jersey from there!

Dan, trying not to fall asleep in the middle of the finishing area after the race. That's about as far as he could keep his eyes open.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 69


Get two spooky races for the price of one with 4 Feet Running! In this giant-sized week:

- Nik and Dan run the Witch City 5K in Salem -- Nik in devil horns and Dan in his lucha libre mask

- Nik's out for fun, Dan's just hoping not to suffocate in the damn thing

- Gear up with some Brooks and Nike shoe chat, free tech-shirt talk, Halo headband convo

- The wrestling mask is surprisingly comfy and warm when it's cold in New England

- Nik has a great week! Oh wait, did I say great? I meant "not great"

- In case you were wondering which company makes the best ketchup chips, it's Herr's

- Obligatory parasite mention this week: whipworms!

- Some jerky douchebag asshat cuts Nik off on purpose -- some bozo in a yellow shirt

- Some 5-piece living room set books it past Dan going up a hill

- Nik and Dan also run the New Bedford Spooky Run 10K and 5K, respectively, with John from the Poi, Dan's mom, and a bunch of Nik and Dan's friends

- They wish for a Saturday morning cartoon where bad guys turn into monkeys. Someone get on this

- Nik and Dan get psyched up for the Philly races in a couple of weeks

- Too many cool costumes at the races to mention

- Too many PRs to mention -- Nik and Dan get THREE of them between them alone, plus more for John and Dan's mom

- Too much great email to mention from wonderful people

A 5-piece living room set finishes the Witch City 5K (I'm counting the dog rug).

Turns out it's difficult to run with a dog stuck in your bum cleavage.

More costumes: a pretty convincing Oompa Loompa outfit, and a rabbit in a hat.

One of the many bunches of bananas sprints to the finish.

Why is Nik smiling? Because that banana behind her is eating one of its own.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Coming soon: Mucha lucha in Salem

Find more videos like this on RuncastTV

Hey, 4 Feet Running fans! We posted this short slideshow from the Salem Witch City 5K on -- the audio episode is coming soon, but here's a short preview of what you can look forward to.

Back in a bit!

- Nik and Dan

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Episode 68


Think global, run in Connecticut this week with 4 Feet Running! This episode:

- Nik and Dan do the World Wide Festival of Races at the ING Hartford half-marathon and 5K (respectively)

- Hartford is full of cranky people who like to cut in line

- Nik and Dan need to practice their geography to figure out where the races begin -- South? West? Huh?

- Dan helps a guy put on his timing chip

- Nik appears to have pooped her running skirt (but didn't)

- It's not the prettiest race course, but they both have great race times

- Except Dan has a problem with races that cheap out on the 5K timing mats

- Nik finds that the first mile of the half-marathon is a contact sport

- Assorted mayhem on the course: bloody nipples, baby stroller roller-derby, broken legs, impromptu football games

- Dan goes on a running gear shopping spree

- Nik feels weird staring at random people's feet

- They read some great email from wonderful listeners

Worldwide Festival of Races
Hartford ING marathon, half-marathon, and 5K

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This is what Dan thinks of people who cut him in line.

Nik is facing the west side of the park. Or is it south? Maybe north.

There she is, finishing her half-marathon, heel-striking...

Dan poses by Lily Pond in downtown Hartford. This is the part of town that isn't slummy.

Nik shows off her half-marathon finisher's medal, another one to add to the collection.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Extra Mile by Pam Reed


Time for today's second 4 Feet Running book club giveaway! Who wants a copy of The Extra Mile by Pam Reed?

The first person to email RIGHT NOW gets the book!

Another fast one! Congrats to Connie for winning the book!

Running the Spiritual Path and Running for the Soul


Time for another 4 Feet Running book club giveaway! Who wants a copy of Running the Spiritual Path and Running for the Soul? It's a two-fer this time!

The first person to email RIGHT NOW gets both the books!

All done! Congrats to Stephanie, and stay tuned around 1 p.m. ET today for our next giveaway!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode 67


Welcome to Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous with 4 Feet Running! This week is chock full of assorted topics:

- Nik and Dan go running in Newport, RI, where there are stray Bernese mountain dogs, wine corks littering the streets, and the resident wealthy eccentrics have personal croissant chefs

- They also have chicken breast on sale

- Nik gets faster in her Frees and breaks a weekly distance record

- Dan is a little faster too, because speedwork is agreeing with him

- He also has a drinking problem (he's addicted to carrying around his fuel belt bottle)

- They're both doing the Worldwide Festival of Races in Hartford next time

- A little about the psychology of goal-achievement with professor Richard Wiseman, and why Dan is always a nervous wreck

- Nik and Dan meet Stanley the German shorthaired pointer's doppelganger

- They discuss Nik's nutritional issues and various fun ironies involving the Paleo diet

- Anyone want some Del's frozen lemonade?

- Two more giveaways in the 4 Feet Running book club -- listen to find out how to win!

- Advice on how to arrive last in a road race

- They get some great feedback from wonderful listeners

Richard Wiseman's Afternoon Tea
The Bridgewater Triangle
Run Run Live with Chris Russell
Want to hear the rest of Woody Allen's "moose story"?

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Nik walks the dogs along the boardwalk by Easton Beach in Newport, being careful not to step on any abandoned silver-plated mussel forks or whatever passes for litter in America's Playground For The Wealthy.

They have good views, though.

Here at Easton Beach is where you'll find that Rhode Island oasis, the Del's frozen lemonade truck.

Myrna was annoyed she didn't get any.

Stanley would rather look over walls at the surf, personally. He may look contemplative, but he's actually thinking, "I like dog food."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Episode 66


It's a do-over, reboot, renewed 4 Feet Running! After a little delay, they're ready to run again. This week:

- Nik and Dan explain where the hell the show has been for a month

- They're in an '80s mood for some reason

- Dan falls into a brief but crippling funk due to the heat, but finds redoing his schedule has improved his mojo

- Nik gets permission from famous listener Petra to revamp her schedule, too

- More grossness: bedbug nests, street trash, plus learn about the fascinating and repulsive life cycle of the hookworm

- Nik's knee issues are much improved thanks to forefoot running, and Dan gives her an elbow in the buttcheek

- They talk about the barefoot running craze and why they're skeptical of some of the more out-there magical claims

- Nik orders and tries out a pair of Nike Frees to help make her more speedy, though they make her toes feel like they've been working out

- Dan doesn't like the Frees because contrary to the name, they cost money

- They read lots of great feedback from listeners

- Special phone call from Hollywood Actor and runner Edward Norton, probably

More about Petra
Science of Sport article on footstrike position -- and how elites often actually heel-strike

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Nik's cute little Nike Free 5.0s. Heavy, no. Green, YES.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Episode 65

In the woods, no one can hear 4 Feet Running scream! Not even when they're slowly being bitten to death. This week:

- Even though last time Nik and Dan said they hate the woods, they try it anyway at Massasoit State Park in Taunton, Mass.

- They immediately regret not having brought bug spray

- Quote of the week #1: "So far no murderers. We've been walking for three minutes."

- Quote of the week #2: "You see one tree, you've seen em all."

- Stanley the pointer dog goes for a dip and tries to free himself from his leash

- Dan tries speedwork, strength training (again), and is awful at trail running

- Nik has trouble with the humidity, keeping her blood sugar regulated, and is a mosquito magnet

- Picture the Raiders of the Lost Ark tarantula scene but with mosquitos

- Drinking game: take a shot every time Nik or Dan says: "I HATE THIS!" or "I HATE THE WOODS!" or "I DON'T LIKE THE WOODS!"

- They eventually find a road and run on that instead -- hooray!

- They read email from some great listeners

Photos and links and other good stuff coming soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Episode 64


Celebrate 2 whole years of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! This week:

- They're actually not at a race for a change -- weird, innit?

- Warning: There's so much gory news in this episode for some reason, it's like CSI: 4 Feet Running

- Updates on Nik's knees and ankles, and why she's not using Uncle Higgy anymore

- Dan remembers his running beginnings and first milestones - He also runs into a telephone pole

- They get to see actual cows (sorry, they forgot to take the camera), and they'll tell you where in Fall River the buffalo roam and the pigeons race

- They look ahead to their next year of running and the races ahead

- Lots of great feedback from wonderful listeners, and a Special Guest Appearance by Carnac the Magnificent and his sidekick Gordon

Crazy Runner's blog: It Is Shaggy
Listener Robin's blog: Runaway Ragamuffin

Download this episode from iTunes, leave a comment or check us out on Podcast Alley. And feel free to call us at 206-350-1677!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Running & Being: The Total Experience by Dr. George Sheehan

OK, everyone, time for another giveaway in the 4 Feet Running Book Club! Who wants a totally FREE copy of "Running & Being: The Total Experience" by Dr. George Sheehan? E-mail right now! First e-mail we get wins the book!

Another INSANELY FAST win, this time by @athletetraining! Congratulations!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Episode 63


It's a family fun-day road race on the 4th of July with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Meet Dan's mom, who is walking her first-ever road race: the Mattapoisett 5-mile Road Race

- Dan's mom is kind of shy about talking into the mike

- Special guest appearances by John from the Poi and his friend Martin, a former marathoner and current cranberry engineer

- Nik tries to overcome a string of lousy runs, Dan's mom gets tips for a first-time road-racer, and Dan keeps his mom company

- Two stop-lights, a post office, and a lot of friendly people: that's Mattapoisett

- They set up another giveaway in the 4 Feet Running Book Club: Running and Being by Dr. George Sheehan -- listen to find out when!

- Nik realizes one meal of pancakes a day is her limit -- not two

- Dan decides to don the luchador mask for a special 5K road race in October (and possibly a cape)

- Tons of fantastic email from wonderful listeners

Mattapoisett Road Race and the full results
Run New England with John from the Poi
Listener Spencer's blog
Listener Travis's blog
Where can I buy one of those fabulous luchador masks -- or perhaps a cape?
The 1/3 marathon
Beach to Beacon 10K

- Enjoy!

Dan gives his mom a helpful tip before the race: "Walk long and taper..."

Dan's two favorite ladies hang out before the start of the road race.

John from the Poi smoked his last year's time at the road race -- a hell of an improvement in just a year.

From listener Travis, a great bunch of runners who are even more fierce inside the squared circle. Our favorite part? Check out the T-shirt on the guy at bottom left. Thanks for sharing, Travis!

Listener Beatnik Bandit is all gory after a bad fall and a couple of overenthusiastic purple-nerples. Thanks, BB!

Can you see any mountain lions or bears in this? I hope not. Stay safe, Funderson!

A great view of Petco Park by listener Eric -- much better view than we got on the ground. Thanks so much!

Sweet Daddy D's tattoo of Casey's paw -- fantastic!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Ultramarathon Man" by Dean Karnazes


Time for another giveaway in the 4 Feet Running Book Club! Who wants a free copy of "Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner" by Dean Karnazes? The book goes to the first one to email NOW!

Whoa, that was probably the quickest win yet. Congrats to Gordon of the Running to Disney podcast for winning the book! If you want it after him, bug him here:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Episode 62


You've rocked -- now let's roll with 4 Feet Running! It's the second half of Nik's San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathravaganza! This week:

- Nik crosses the finish line in beautiful San Diego and gives a full race report on her fifth 26.2-miler, one of her hardest

- Like Elvis? Nik doesn't -- at least not anymore

- Like runny-nosed kids? Nik doesn't -- at least not anymore

- Hear the long and complicated adventure of how they managed to leave the race finish area

- Which would you rather have hurt: your stomach from yucky electrolytes or legs from lack of electrolytes?

- Polyester and sequin jumpsuits, Adidas sandals with socks and walking poles: common San Diego marathon wear

- What did Nik and Dan think of San Diego? "The weather was not what we were promised"

- Nik bids a fond adieu to Uncle Higgy and says hello to Uncle Pfitzy

- Dan loves his mother, but not in a $50-for-a-T-shirt way

- Nik and Dan consider whether a billion dollars is worth being mauled by a bear for

- Another giveaway in the 4 Feet Running Book Club: "Ultramarathon Man" by fellow San Diego marathoner Dean Karnazes

- They get some great feedback from wonderful people

- Stay tuned to the very end for a special dawggie treat

San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon and the results (and the results for everyone else)
Big Papa Q's blog

Download this episode from iTunes, leave a comment or check us out on Podcast Alley. And feel free to call us at 206-350-1677!


Nik is wiped out from holding the humongous Rock 'N' Roll Marathon medal.

She spent much of the first day of the vacation doing this in public places.

Later on, they went to the Museum of Man, which has a room celebrating the achievements of humankind -- among them, the Forerunner 405.

San Diego's a really nice spot. It's hard to fit it all in one picture.

Dan went all the way to San Diego and all he got was this lousy luchador mask...

Here's what Sweet Daddy D's dog Casey thinks of 2009 so far.
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