Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 60


Have a second helping of chicken salad, with Part 2 of 4 Feet Running's Willow Tree chicken salad half-marathon in Providence! This week:

- Dan is struggling around the 7.5 mile mark while Nik is adjusting her knee brace and watching her Garmin Forerunner quickly lose battery power

- No tunnel shoutouts this time: Dan has the abdominal stitch to beat all abdominal stitches

- It's a good, bad, and ugly kind of race but have a great time, despite not getting a space blanket

- They get spotted from listener Tim at the finish line (sorry, it was hard to hear everything, Tim)

- How Nik and Dan's knees have held up since the race

- They read tons of feedback from lots of wonderful people

- It's a Voice-Mail-O-Rama!

- The mystery of why Dan is not the Chi Running guy

Providence Rhode Races
The official (but wrong) race results
Joe's Running Aimlessly blog
Hot Chocolate 15K/5K
Tri With MS
Run Ansky Run
Lagan Runner Give em a buck


Nik's knee brace held up OK, although there was a bit of chafing, she discovered later.

Nik adds a new medal to her collection. Available after the half-marathon were loads of free pizzas, seen behind her, taunting her with their bready goodness.

Dan rips open his running jacket Hulk Hogan-style -- look what kind of shirt he's wearing under there?

The Dan Go Run shirt is the latest fashion craze -- even Aussies love it! Thanks, Paula!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Episode 59


Have a Willow Tree chicken salad sandwich, hold the sandwich, with 4 Feet Running! This is Part 1 of a 2-part half-stravaganza! This week:

- Nik and Dan prepare to run the Willow Tree chicken salad Half-Marathon in Providence, Rhode Island

- If they can ever find the start line

- Little things get in the way, from vomiting dogs to Garmins that won't sleep, from ass-knots to twingey knees

- Take a little trip down memory lane as they remember how Dan got himself into this half-marathon mess

- Nik decides she'll pace Dan for the half so she can see him run double-digits in person (and her knee hurts)

- More tunnel shout-outs than you can shake an underpass at

- Why you shouldn't wear bad shoes even for sitting in a cubicle

- Testicle shout-out! Woo hoo testicles!

- They meet Ron Burgundy's doppelganger standing in the middle of nowhere

- Even though she's broken here and there, Nik is running pretty well, and Dan's having the best run of his life...until, dot-dot-dot...

- Will Dan make it through the rest of the race intact? Will Nik's Garmin keep a charge until the end? And why is someone convinced that Dan is the Chi-Running guru Danny Dreyer? Tune in next time!

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At the race expo the day before the half-marathon, Dan hits the Willow Tree chicken salad booth to score some WTCS.

This puny amount was all they were willing to part with, but it was still delicious.

Nik has the fuel belt cinched tightly around her waist because she's carrying about 5 pounds of technical gadgets and other stuff.

Dan waits in potty line, looking a little bit like he's gotta go sooner instead of later.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"POSE Method of Running" by Nicholas Romanov


Time for another giveaway in the 4 Feet Running Book Club! Who wants a free copy of Pose Method of Running? The book goes to the first one to email NOW!

That was fast! Congratulations to Marathon Chris for winning the book!
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