Friday, February 29, 2008

Episode 29


It's a case of the Februaries at the Hyannis Half-Marathon with 4 Feet Running! In this special race-day episode:

- Nik and Dan head to beautiful Hyannis, the tricep of Cape Cod

- They track the elusive North American sister Kim, a wily, rarely photographed mammal that's small and Asian

- After funerals and emergency room visits with relatives, Nik and Dan get the Februaries

- They discuss American cultural development vis a vis breakfast eggs

- It's chaotic in Hyannis but at least everybody survives intact

- Nik runs a great half-marathon race in record time

- Dan pays a record amount of money for a bagel

- They do a post-race wrapup and read some e-mails from very nice people

The Hyannis Half-Marathon results
RunningRamblings podcast
Running to Disney

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On their drive to Hyannis, Dan notices the stupidest set of instructions ever, on a gas pump in Cape Cod.

Nik and Dan scope out the finish line scaffolding beforehand, just in case.

Dan brought along his halo to keep him busy while Nik runs the half-marathon.

Nik prepares to run the race without carrying a water bottle -- bad move considering they ran out of water at the first stop.

Aha! Dan snaps off a frameable portrait of Nik's sister Kim, in green, as she heads toward the finish line.

He has better luck getting Nik near the finish.

Nik shares post-race notes while Kim does something with her hair. It's the best photo we had of her, honestly.

Can you spot what's wrong with this medal?

These photos make it look like there's a pyramid in the background. The Great Pyramid of Hyannis is actually nowhere near here.

Click for a larger version of the map.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

29: Coming soon to a pair of ears near you


Hi there! In the works is Episode 29, Nik's Hyannis Half-Marathon run. You'll hear all about it later this week! Don't worry, thankfully there were no major mishaps this time around -- it's just these confounded Sunday races! Dan usually edits the show over the weekend, but because this race was on a Sunday he'll have to fit in the editing after work during the week, if he doesn't fall asleep first, the lazy bastard. We'll try to make the show worth the wait!

In the meantime, check out more details about the race here! And check out Nik's Buckeye Outdoors log to see how she did!

Feel free to drop us a line, leave a comment, or give us a call, and we'll talk to you very soon!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Episode 28


Accidents will happen in the 28th episode of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan -- it's the special Half at the Hamptons episode! This week:

- Nik and Dan find themselves pretty much all alone in deserted Hampton Beach, NH, where Nik's running the town's first half-marathon

- Nik reveals her super identity, and it stinks

- Dan and Nik describe her strange stint in jury duty involving Mrs. Magoo, a fall into a grave, and a stinky bath mat

- Dan tries to figure out what to do with himself in a town where everything including the McDonald's is boarded up for the winter

- Nik has a great half-marathon time

- Other people don't do so well at all -- there are two drastic accidents

- Nik and Dan do a scared and worried post-race wrapup in the car

- Then they drive the hell home as fast as they can

Nik's half-marathon results here
complete Half at the Hampton here at Cool Runnings
The loco company who put on the race
Where the hell is Hampton Beach?
Ricky Gervais' old radio show
Tall Guy Robert

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On the way to New Hampshire, Dan and Nik bought some of the first fast food they've had in years. Hey, it was cheap and available...

On the way to Hampton Beach, Dan wonders if somehow they've gotten turned around and ended up in Miami.

Hampton Beach ... um ... probably is more of a summer place.

Hampton Beach's water slide, near the hotel, is pretty much frozen solid.

The beach is also pretty much frozen solid.

Nik goes for a walk around the boardwalk to check out the nightlife, or to see if, in fact, there's anyone else alive in the town limits.

There's neither.

You thought we were kidding about the bird poop on the calzone and pizza stand?

This statue near the hotel depicts a woman staring out at the sea, waiting patiently for the arrival of summer and the ritual Taking Down of the Plywood Off the McDonald's.

Nik and Dan go for a stroll along the snowy beach, which is also populated by fairies and sprites.

Nik prepares to run the Half at the Hamptons with her Amphipod bottle full of fruit-punch-flavored Powerade, which she wasn't crazy about.

She has a big smile on her face before the race. Notice: before the race -- before heart attacks and collapsed scaffolding.

Nik starts to run, keeping in her sights the brightest red wool hat in the world.

The race ends rather tragically, with one man dying and a woman being caught under a collapsing metal structure, seen here. A small group of people are standing around her and directing runners crossing the finish line around her.

But Nik still had a great run.

Monday, February 11, 2008

28's on the way


Hi there! Nik's Half at the Hamptons half-marathon run, Episode 28, is currently in the works! The race was on Sunday, and we captured tons of audio, so it should take a few more days to get through all the footage. Expect our show a little later this week.

In the meantime, check out Nik's half-marathon results here! And the complete Half at the Hampton results are here at Cool Runnings.

We'll see everyone very soon!

Nik and Dan

Monday, February 4, 2008

Episode 27


Unready for some football: It's the Super Bowl edition of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! In this 27th episode:

- Nik and Dan take a bathroom break (they're remodeling their bathroom) to squeeze in a three-mile run down by the Fall River waterfront

- They leave a sore Stanley dog at home with Myrna to keep him company

- Nik is worried she's ill-prepared for the Half at the Hamptons next week

- Dan, having slept for 15 hours, is more chipper about it

- Somehow or other, they get on the topics of the early days of computers, middle school misogynists and journalistic ethics

- They shrug over the Super Bowl

- Nik and Dan may or may not meet a fan, but they do read feedback from nice people

Wobbler syndrome
Haven't heard yet who won the Super Bowl?
Half at the Hamptons
The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Mass MoCA, the Ben & Jerry's factory and the Battleship Massachusetts in Fall River

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