Monday, October 27, 2008

Episode 47


Think global, run local with 4 Feet Running! This episode:

- Nik and Dan go for the Zen Run 10K in Lakeville, Mass.

- They talk about their World Wide Festival of Races runs, and why they prefer to call it the WWF

- Fall's their favorite season, so they take advantage of it by being out among the various topiaries, lakes, cranberry bogs, and other features of nature

- Then nature calls

- Nature won't stop calling, so they take advantage of nature by having a pit stop in the woods

- Nik discusses what it's like to go wheat-free, Dan wants manly-sounding shoes, and Myrna can't stop wheezing

- They talk about their first-ever experiences with running

- Nik and Dan get some great feedback from very nice people, and actually give some feedback to other very nice people

World Wide Festival of Races
Town of Lakeville
The route we ran (not the race -- just the route)
Running to Disney podcast
Trilogy Running
Dan's blog post about their brief vacation

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Dan and the dogs (Myrna, left, and Stanley) stand by the Lakeville Town Hall, which is so New Englandy you can hardly stand it.

Nik's hat matches the fall colors on the foliage, except for the white bit.

Someone in Lakeville shaped their hedges into topiaries, making vaguely animal-looking things. Bunny rabbits? Chipmunks? Brontosauruses? We're not sure, but they were great.

One of the many lakes in Lakeville. Actually, I think this is technically a "pond." But Pondville doesn't sound as nice.

Two rural-looking animals of some sort, possibly horses. We're from the city. We usually only see horses when they're standing under Clint Eastwood.

This is the "Balls" mailbox that caused Dan to erupt in shrieks of laughter along the way, and made him forget to stop his Nike+ Sportband.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

On vacation: Back in 5 minutes


Hey there! Due to some house projects we had to finish up, wonky work schedules, and a quick weekend vacation we're taking at the moment, we're going to knock Episode 47 into the middle of next week. We should have a fantastic jam-packed show for you about our World Wide Festival races -- and a whole lot of s__-talking, as usual!

In the meantime, check out tons of other running podcasts you'll enjoy here, at

So look forward to us very soon, and happy running!

Nik and Dan

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Episode 46


4 Feet Running has a wicked good time at the Salem Wicked Half-Marathon! This jam-packed week:

- Nik and Dan get lost in a thick, dark fog in America's spookiest city

- Nik prepares to run the Wicked Half, her longest distance in a while thanks to some gastrointestinal & dietary issues

- Speaking of which, she finally gets an answer as to what's wrong with her (sort of)

- Dan realizes he's too neurotic to do Chi Running

- They get recognized by a very nice listener

- Dan hears a very angry half-marathoner refuse any sort of encouragement whatsoever in the strongest possible language

- Nik has a great time at the race but misses her favorite socks

- They also discuss some other interesting clothing choices in their childhood

- They get some fantastic feedback


Star Wars Runner
Runtroniks' blog
A wicked good half-marathon
How'd everybody do?
Husky jeans

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Nik and Dan take a look at some of the sights around Salem. There's actually water behind her, somewhere.

The race began at this school, which is probably haunted. Just look at it.

Nik gets ready to run the half, starting at the back.

Salem's power plant, one of the many establishments in and around the area that do not serve coffee and bagels to hungry husbands waiting for their wives to finish half-marathons.

Leaves are starting to turn in New England.

Nik rounds the final turn in the Salem Wicked Half.
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