Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Episode 49


Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news? 4 Feet Running has both this week:

- Nik and Dan go for a 4.5-miler through their neighborhood

- They have the best running geek week ever, with Runner+ back, a newish Garmin, and challenges on Buckeye Outdoors

- They have a terrible geek week also, as Nik's MacBook Pro lapses into a coma

- Nik and Dan check out treadmills and do really, really long intervals through stores across southern New England

- Reading treadmill reviews is very confusing, but they make the best of it

- Nik and Dan have some goals in mind they'll work toward with or without a hamster wheel

- They get feedback from some very nice people

Clickables: of the Sole F63
Treadmill Doctor
Three Apples Tall

Running on Hemp Tea
Trilogy Running
Maddy's blog
The song Trilogy Running gave us: Kyle Dine, "Gluten Free Blues," available at
Dapper Dan pomade

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode 48


Santa Claus is stuck in a glass cage with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik, Dan, and listener John run the Edaville Rail Run 5-miler trail run in Carver, Mass.

- Coming along for the ride are John's neighbor Jack, his daughter Amy, and Dan's work friend Jon -- so that's 3 Johns for the price of 1 right there

- Edaville Railroad has a whole Christmas display going, complete with creepy Santa dioramas and transgendered elves

- Nik's Garmin Forerunner 405 goes bye-bye

- They also meet an older lady who's all banged up but who still runs the 5-miler

- Dan starves his way across 5 hard miles, Nik's glucose levels plummet, but everyone else doing the race has a phenomenal time

- Listeners share their Garmin woes

- More Stanley the pointer dog hogging all the attention at the end

- They get email and phone calls from very nice people

Edaville Rail Run
race results on Cool Running

Dan admires the corpse of Santa Claus that has been propped up in a glass cage for everyone to see.

The one on the right is the transgendered elf. As if you couldn't tell...

Dan looks for his name in the Bad Book to confirm his status as a member of the Bad Boys of Running.

This elf is a very bad boy.

Nik has a war wound from the race, thanks to a branch or something.

On the other hand, she did get to wear her running skirt.

This is Casey, the pointer owned by Sweet Daddy D. Thanks for sharing, Doug!

Click below for a slideshow of photos by Special Guest Star John (from the Poi)!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Video 1


Wow! It's 4 Feet Running's first ever video podcast! Nik and Dan check in very quickly between audio episodes with a little rough home-made video:

- Nik has a little bad news about her Garmin 405

- They talk about their race plans for the next audio episode

- Special Guest Star: Stanley as Stanley the pointer dog

- Go to for more information

Download this episode from iTunes, leave a comment or check us out on Podcast Alley. And feel free to call us at 206-350-1677, send us e-mail or leave a comment here!
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